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An Overview of PlayStation™Video

PlayStation™Video (previously named Video Unlimited) is the ultimate source for the latest Hollywood blockbusters, all-time classics, and TV shows1 from every major studio. Rent or buy2 videos from our constantly updated range of movies and TV shows in SD or HD across multiple devices.

When you sign up for a free account you can browse the available titles, check prices, and watch trailers and previews. To rent or buy a video you simply need to add a payment card to your account or top up your account wallet so you can begin downloading or streaming your choice of video.

Once you have an account you can use it across all of your compatible Sony devices to access your purchased videos. Please check for full details of compatible devices.

1 Content available on PlayStation™Video can sometimes vary by country and device. Please refer to our online PlayStation®Store to browse the movies and TV shows local to you, where you can also review the “Playable On” information for each title to understand which devices you can use for playback.
2 While renting is available on all supported devices, buying videos are only available from select devices. Please refer to PlayStation™Video Compatible Devices.


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Questions & Answers 

What internet connection does PlayStation™Video recommend? 

You will need a broadband internet connection to stream PlayStation™Video movies and TV shows. Although you may have HD compatible equipment, whether to stream content in high or standard definition depends on your internet speed and your device compatibility. If you choose to stream in HD, but your internet connection is not fast enough, you may find that the video pauses during playback in order to buffer.

  • The lowest bandwidth recommendation for SD streaming is 700kps - 1.5Mbps depending on your device.

  • The lowest bandwidth recommendation for HD streaming is 2.5Mbps - 3.5Mbps depending on your device. 

The speed described by your broadband provider is usually the best achievable speed. This means that you may find that your connection is actually slower than advised, for example, during peak internet usage times or when other devices are connected to your network.

If viewing from an HDTV PlayStation™Video may test your internet speed (depending on the model) when you choose a video and will suggest the best format (standard or high definition) based on these results. Please note that your internet speed may change after we have tested it initially. 

You can also download video purchases to your devices that support download if your internet connection speed is not fast enough. Video can only be streamed, not downloaded, to your PlayStation®4 system - even if the device has an internal memory. For more information on which devices support download please see PlayStation™Video Compatible Devices for more information.

Please also note that HD content will be played in SD on these devices:

  • PS Vita

  • Android Devices

  • iOS Devices

  • Windows PCs

Even if you have initially purchased a movie or TV show in HD format you will still be able to view this content on any of the above devices, however, this content will appear in SD format only. Therefore, if you would like to use one of these devices to view your content, we recommend initially choosing SD format at the time of purchase.

For more information on which devices support which video format please see PlayStation™Video Compatible Devices for more information.


What is a Season Pass and how does it work?

Season Pass for PlayStation™Video allows you access an entire season of your favorite series. Not only does this remove the additional steps of having to purchase each show episode-by-episode but the cost per episode is often lower when you buy a Season Pass than if you were to buy one episode at a time. After you purchase a Season Pass for your favorite series you can watch the episodes whenever you like and as many times as you like. Now you never need to miss an episode of your favorite TV show again!

Currently, you can purchase a Season Pass on your PS4, Bravia®TV (2013 models or later) or Sony Blu-ray™ Player (2013 models or later), mobile device or by visiting the PlayStation.Store from a web browser, but once you've purchased your Season Pass you can playback the episodes on any PlayStation™Video device by simply accessing your My Videos media library (compatible Sony devices) or Download List (PlayStation®3 and PS Vita). 

You can purchase a Season Pass for complete seasons that have already aired, and some in-progress seasons. Purchasing a Season Pass for an in-progress season means that you can watch any already-available episodes immediately and then new episodes as soon as they are released. Episode availability can vary per show. However, we always make episodes available to you as soon as they are available to us, so you will always receive access to the latest episodes as soon as possible. 

If you have previously purchased an episode or multiple episodes from within a series for which Season Pass is available, you may be able to bulk-purchase the remaining episodes in that season at a deducted rate using the Complete This Season offer. This option will appear on the purchase screen if the Complete This Season offer is available for that series.

If you have opted-in to receiving marketing messages from PlayStation℠Network, you will receive an email or XMB (PS devices) notification when the latest episode is ready for viewing. To edit your personal settings for marketing emails go to Account Notification Preferences from Account Management.  

We are only able to make Season Passes available for TV shows that our content licensors allow. Unfortunately, not all shows are able to offer season passes, but we are adding new shows every day so please occasionally check back as content availability may have changed.

Which digital audio encoding scheme does PlayStation™Video use?

PlayStation™Video uses Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) audio formats.

This means that if you are connecting audio devices that support digital audio output, such as AV amplifiers (receivers) for home entertainment systems, then you may need to configure your device audio output settings if you wish to experience 2.0 stereo or up to 7.1 multi-channel surround audio output when viewing movies & TV shows from PlayStation™Video.

Typically, this would require turning off the Dolby Digital settings on the device and enabling AAC audio format, or at least enabling PCM output which would allow other audio formats (like AAC) to be supported. Please review your device's instruction manual for more information on switching between audio output settings.

Where is the PlayStation™Video service available?

You can create an account and use PlayStation™Video within the countries indicated in the table below:










United States

United Kingdom


Please note that any payments made to PlayStation™Network needs to be made from the country in which the account was originally created.

What if I am traveling overseas?

You can access PlayStation™Video only in the country in which your PlayStation℠Network account was created. This means that you will receive an error message if you attempt to access PlayStation™Video while you are overseas.

We recommend that you download the videos that you would like to watch during the trip before you leave the country you’ve created your account in.

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