PlayStation Vue: Watching Out of Your Home Area

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You can use PlayStation™Vue from anywhere in the USA! You can even sign up outside your home area and start watching right away. Your home area is the zip code you used when you signed up for PlayStation™Vue.

​Live Programming While Traveling Outside Your Home Area

While you are traveling:

  • You can watch the local programming of the travel destination outside your home area.

  • You can watch your home regional sports teams, if you have signed into PlayStation™Vue from your home area from the zip code you used when you subscribed.

  • ​You cannot DVR the local programming of your travel destination. Your DVR will still record your home local area channels, and you’ll be able to watch that DVR programming while you are traveling.

  • NHL games are not available when you are away from your local area.


Recorded Programming While Traveling Outside Your Home Area

Because Vue uses a cloud-based DVR, you can record the content in your local home network and watch the recorded content at the destination you are visiting.

While you are traveling:

  • You can find and watch shows from your My Shows library.
  • ​You can add shows to your My Shows library.

  • On Demand shows added to My Shows library prior to your traveling are available at your destination. 

  • You cannot record your destination local channels or the content of the destination you are visiting. 


Travel Restrictions Outside Your Home Area

  • You can have a maximum of three devices streaming Vue, while outside your home area.

  • You can only stream Vue on one TV-connected device (set-top box or stick) at a time while outside your home area. Meaning you cannot stream Vue from inside and outside your home area at the same time.

  • You can use Vue outside your home area up to 59 consecutive days. On the 30th day, you will receive an onscreen notice that you need to return to your home area within 30 days so your service is not interrupted. On the 60th day you will receive an onscreen error message saying you are blocked from using Vue until you return to your home area and log in.

  • Vue is only available in the United States. If you try to use Vue outside of the country, you will receive an error message.








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